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Time Management: Why Written Goals are a Must

It is said that more than 80% people do not have set goals for life. While a lot has been written about how one should go about selecting goals, it is important that these goals be written by hand, for Effective Time Management.

What is so special in writing the goals in your hand writing, you would ask?

We have enumerated in the book “ No Such Thing as Time” that before setting the goals of life you need to be familiar with your own inner self, your calling in life and the areas of your strength. Further you are given the advantages of setting gravitational goals as against ordinary goals. However it should be emphasized that this goals setting process must use your hand writing. As you would appreciate that the mind can be your biggest collaborator or distracter, in achieving the set targets. When you decide to write your Goals, your mind in what so ever small way, gets involved and approves your goals. Earlier your goals were just a thought among many. Once you decide to write them, your mind has to give command to the hands through the nervous system to write the set goal. Word by word your goal is registered in your mind. Thus a positive association is established between your goals and the mind. Now onwards it would be in collaborative mode to your success. It will not create conflicts or distract you from your chosen path. Bringing mind in such a subtle way on your side is crucial first step. Now you would understand why most people despite following all tricks of time management fail in absence of written set of Goals?

For Productivity & Effective Time Management your written goals should always be handy and accessible to you as easily as possible. These goals should be subdivided into weekly and daily tasks as end of the day you are going to work in your “NOW” so the immediate tasks should always be in your birds eye view. AcNOW® symbol shall remind you of your tasks and the goals every 15 minutes through out the day. Thus you shall remain always focused on your goals and act every moment towards your results.

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